Energizing in British Columbia

British Columbia (B.C.) is the gateway to a brighter, more sustainable future for your large commercial or industrial business. BC Hydro harnesses the power of water to generate clean, renewable hydroelectricity, providing businesses with stable, low-cost energy while minimizing environmental impact.

Whether your business is based in British Columbia or has plans to set up a new operation in our province, we are ready to support your transition to clean energy and help you meet your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.


Your clean energy partner

We provide expert guidance and incentives to support your business transition to hydroelectricity. Reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in B.C.

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Incentives and support for business

Your large commercial or industrial business may be eligible to access funding and incentives from our Electrification Plan to help your business establish new operations, improve energy efficiency, and transition from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean energy.

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Water flowing down the Columbia River through a dam.

Access electrification support

Complete our integrated pre-screening form to find out whether your large commercial or industrial project is eligible for incentives towards electrification, fuel switching, or energy efficiency. 

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Industrial sites

To support businesses looking to choose clean energy in British Columbia and establish new operations, BC Hydro maintains a registry of industrial sites.

We can match your business to an industrial site with available land, electrical infrastructure, and transmission or distribution capacity, helping you connect to our integrated grid in a faster and more cost-efficient way.

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B.C.'s climate plan

We are an integral part of the B.C. government's CleanBC plan, one of North America's most progressive climate action plans. The CleanBC plan includes:

Together, we are building a cleaner economy and helping more businesses transition to clean energy.

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