Water flowing down the Columbia River through a dam.

Industry and our clean system

Over 98% of the power we generate is from clean, renewable hydroelectricity. Reduce your carbon footprint, project, and operational costs when you get established in British Columbia.

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The B.C. advantage

British Columbia offers a competitive business environment and outstanding quality of life. It is the ideal location for your energy-intensive operations featuring:

  • 98% clean, renewable power with over 12,000 MW of hydroelectric generating capacity

  • Focused funding and incentives for clean-tech and high-tech companies new to the province

Why choose B.C.


BC Hydro is an integrated electric utility providing end-to-end service helping businesses establish clean, sustainable operations in B.C. Ask us about electricity rates and available incentives.

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Our offer

Through to the end of 2026, BC Hydro has over $50 million in incentives available to support new business and attract investment to B.C.

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Industrial sites with capacity

Save time, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact by establishing operations at an industrial site already connected to the grid.

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Ask us about discounted industrial rates and funding available to reduce your cost to connect in B.C.