Connection process

Establishing operations in B.C.

To connect to our grid faster and at a lower cost, we encourage businesses to consider properties in BC Hydro's registry of industrial sites.

Existing industrial properties, or brownfields, are pre-screened by our experts to ensure there is sufficient land, electrical infrastructure, and transmission or distribution capacity available to a new customer. Getting matched to an existing site is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to connect to our grid.

New properties, or greenfields, have minimal or no infrastructure to connect to the grid. Connecting a new site has added costs and longer timelines but may offer operational flexibility.

Industrial site support

BC Hydro will support owners of under-utilized industrial sites to assess and improve a property's electrical infrastructure, if required, to ready it for an identified new customer. Funding may be available.

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Process to connect

The process, costs, and timelines to connect to our electrical grid vary depending on load requirement and location. Connecting to an existing site depends on the electrical capacity required by the operation. Funding is available to eligible applicants to offset connection costs: