CleanBC Industry Fund

Support to reduce GHG emissions

The CleanBC Industry Fund (CIF) supports the development, trial, and deployment of projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from large industrial operations in British Columbia.

There are four funding streams available through CIF:

Industrial Electrification Program

The CleanBC and BC Hydro Industrial Electrification (IE) Program creates a new, streamlined funding process to support industrial operations in applying for large electrification projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more and apply at

Emissions Performance

The Emissions Performance (EP) funding call supports projects that reduce emissions at an industrial operation using commercially available technologies.

Innovation Accelerator

The Innovation Accelerator (IA) funding call supports projects that involve the demonstration, pilot or trial of clean technologies or processes with the potential to reduce emissions for industry in B.C.

Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility Studies (FS) funding call supports preliminary studies that aim to provide clarity and confidence to potential projects intending to apply for funding through the Industrial Electrification Program, Emissions Performance or Innovation Accelerator proposal streams.

Please see the CleanBC Industry Fund website for more information on the Emissions Performance, Innovation Accelerator, and Feasibility Studies funding streams.

CleanBC and BC Hydro Industrial Electrification program

Complete the Industrial Electrification pre-screening eligibility form to find out if your project may be eligible for Industrial Electrification funding. 

When you have completed the pre-screening eligibility form, a BC Hydro team member will contact you for more information.

Complete pre-screening eligibility form