Establishing new operations

Starting a new operation in British Columbia (B.C.) is easier when you work with our experts.

BC Hydro can help your energy-intensive, large commercial or industrial business electrify and set up in the province. By choosing a site that is already connected to our integrated grid, your business can save time, reduce costs, and minimize the impact of your operations.

We provide renewable energy at some of the lowest industrial electricity rates in North America. Our incentives and low rates help make a compelling case for your business to transition to hydroelectricity, lowering operational costs, and helping support future resilience.

Choosing an industrial site

We maintain a registry of available industrial sites in B.C. to match with eligible, new customers. Some properties are not published on our registry, so please contact us if none of the listings are suitable for your business.

Explore electrification incentives

We support businesses with expert advice and incentives to help customers reach their decarbonization goals, from project inception to operation. Eligible businesses can apply for connection funding, facility and equipment upgrades, and energy-efficiency incentives.

Our integrated application process for large commercial and industrial customers provides a single, coordinated point to determine eligibility for various programs administered by BC Hydro. These programs include support for businesses intending to:

  • Establish operations in B.C.
  • Electrify all or part of their operations
  • Switch from fossil fuels

New energy-intensive businesses that need to connect to our integrated grid must undertake interconnection studies to assess project feasibility and cost for electric infrastructure. Talk to our experts about getting matched to an industrial site or applying for incentives toward connection studies, fuel switching, and energy efficiency programs.

Find out more about incentives.