Transmission system connections

Locating an operation at an existing industrial site with available electrical capacity reduces the time and cost to connect. Otherwise, the process to connect will be longer and similar to what is outlined below.

We recommend getting matched to a property listed on our industrial site registry pre-screened by BC Hydro for site suitability to ensure adequate transmission or distribution supply voltage is available for a new business.

Transmission service connects to our higher-voltage systems for customers whose load connection requirements may be over 35 kilovolts (kV).

Connecting to BC Hydro's electrical grid

A typical process for connecting to our transmission services is summarized below.

As part of the process of connecting to our transmission services, we conduct the following studies to assess how the new load will impact our system, ensure compliance with Technical Interconnection Requirements, and determine whether changes are required to accommodate the new load. These studies are:

  • Conceptual review (optional)
  • Feasibility study (optional)
  • System impact study (required - funding available)
  • Facilities study (required - funding available)

1. Submit your request

Download and complete the Transmission Voltage Customer – Connection Data Form [PDF, 251 KB]. If you have any questions, contact our team of experts for support.

When you are ready, submit your completed form via email.

If any information is missing or further clarification is required, a member of our team will reach out to you.

2. Meet your BC Hydro contacts

During the connection process, you will be assigned an expert from our Business & Economic Development team as well as an Interconnections Manager. They will be your main point of contact and will keep you informed throughout the process.

3. Conceptual review (optional)

Who should request a conceptual review?

We provide high-level guidance on the availability of transmission capacity, methods to connect to our system, potential system modifications, and upgrades involved.

When completing the Transmission Voltage Customer - Connection Data form, customers may request a conceptual review at no cost.

Ask for a conceptual review to determine whether:

  • A particular site can accommodate your load requirements
  • Significant and costly modifications or upgrades will be required to the system
  • Additional information is required to commit to the cost and time required for a system impact study

Cost estimates for methods of connection and potential system changes/upgrades or comments on timelines are not provided as part of the Conceptual Review.


If a conceptual review is requested, it will be completed within four to six weeks.



Learn more about the conceptual review process

4. System impact study (required)

A system impact study is required for every project. The study investigates the impact of connecting your load to our transmission system, identifies the leading connection option, and will provide other details.

Your BC Hydro representative will explain the process and provide a system impact study agreement for your approval as well as a cost estimate that is paid in advance of starting the study.

Financial incentives may be available for eligible applicants to fund 100% of this study.


Six to nine months.


Project dependent. Funding may be available for eligible businesses to cover the cost of up to 100% of this study.

Learn more about the system impact study

5. Review the study results

We will provide a system impact study report for your review. Once the study results are accepted, confirmation is required for us to proceed with the facilities study.

At this point, the project will progress to the transition stage and a proposal is prepared to perform the facilities study and other assessments.


Approximately three to four months.

6. Facilities study (required)

A facilities study is required to confirm the preferred connection option. The study will include technical requirements, feasibility design, risk assessment, First Nations engagement, and environmental studies.

Your BC Hydro representative will explain this process and provide a facilities study agreement for approval as well as a cost estimate that is paid in advance of starting the study.


Approximately six to nine months, depending on project complexity and resource availability.


Project dependent. Businesses may be eligible for funding to cover the cost of up to 75% of this study.

Learn more about the facilities study

7. Review your project plan

We will provide a project plan and refined cost estimate for the implementation work to connect your site to our transmission services. Once the project plan is reviewed and accepted, we can proceed with implementation.

8. Implementation and connection

We carry out the work to connect your industrial site to our transmission system.

Funding may be available to reduce your implementation costs.


As determined by your project plan.

Learn more about the implementation stage