Key sectors

British Columbia (B.C.) is where rich natural resources meet next-generation technology. Thanks to our robust infrastructure, clean, reliable energy, and pro-business environment, many of the world’s most innovative companies have operations in B.C. Existing industries work alongside new companies, resulting in a diverse, more resilient economy. Below are some energy-intensive sectors that take advantage of B.C's low-cost hydroelectricity and favorable economic environment.

Matching businesses to industrial sites

Businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in the province can save time, reduce costs, and minimize impact by selecting an existing industrial site. We maintain a registry of industrial properties with available land, electrical infrastructure, and transmission/distribution capacity.

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Registering your under-utilized site on our registry enables us to market it to our network of contacts, which may unlock new opportunities. We will support owners of these industrial properties to assess and improve the site's electrical infrastructure to ready it for an identified new customer, if required. Talk to us about funding opportunities.

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