Why B.C.?

The home of clean energy for business

Your large commercial or industrial energy-intensive business can achieve its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets, reduce carbon emissions, and lower the cost of decarbonization in British Columbia. The province is powered by an integrated grid with over 12,000 MW of annual hydroelectric generating capacity and 98% low-carbon energy generation.

Pro-business environment

B.C. offers competitive corporate taxes at some of the lowest rates in North America. The province's climate leadership, stable economy, and supportive policy environment make it the ideal home for your business.

Key sectors

Learn more about companies that have successfully established operations in B.C., including agriculture, commercial buildings, transportation, forestry, mining, clean technology, and low-carbon fuel.

Funding and incentives

Access funding programs to help reduce the cost of electrifying operations, switching from fossil fuels, or improving energy efficiency. BC Hydro has one of the most competitive rates in North America.


B.C. is Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway. Efficient airports, highways, natural deepwater ports, Class I rail systems, and power and data networks  provide fast, reliable cargo transportation across the province, with easy access to major hubs across North America and Asia.


Tap into an established and highly skilled population with over 2.9 million educated, multicultural workers.

Life in B.C.

Experience an unparalleled standard of living—located on Canada's beautiful west coast, British Columbia offers natural beauty, excellent public health care, and a culturally diverse community.

Clean energy commitments

At BC Hydro, we work with the Government of B.C.'s CleanBC plan, one of North America’s most progressive climate action plans, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 (based on 2007 levels) and reach net zero by 2050. They are collaborating with partners like us, industry, and local governments to take action. Together, we are protecting nature, building a low-carbon economy, and helping more businesses transition to clean energy.

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Find out why B.C. is the home of clean energy.