Industrial sites

Matching businesses with suitable properties

Reduce the time and cost to connect to our integrated grid by getting matched with an existing industrial property.

Large commercial or industrial businesses looking for an industrial site in British Columbia (B.C.) can search for properties through the BC Hydro registry of industrial sites.

Find an existing industrial site

By selecting an existing industrial brownfield site with available land, electrical infrastructure, and transmission or distribution capacity, your business can connect to our integrated grid in a faster, more cost-efficient way.

What are brownfield sites?

Brownfields are existing commercial or industrial properties that have potential for redevelopment. Our industrial site listings have available land, electrical infrastructure, and distribution or transmission capacity.

Opportunities for industrial site owners

When new businesses are matched to a pre-qualified industrial site, they can create new opportunities for site owners.

These partnerships can also help revitalize the host community. New industries can grow alongside existing industry, supporting a more diverse and robust economy.

Register an industrial site

Register your industrial site with us, and we can help market your property and match the site with a new customer.

Industrial site support

We will support owners of existing industrial sites to assess and improve the property's electrical infrastructure to ready it for an identified new customer, if required. Funding may be available.

Get support from our team

We offer support and guidance throughout the integrated funding application and connection process.

If you have any questions about finding a suitable site, registering your industrial site, or any of the properties listed on our registry, we are here to help. Contact us to learn more about unpublished sites if you cannot find a suitable property.

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