Skilled workforce

Tap into the wealth of knowledge and skills offered by British Columbia's (B.C.) highly educated and skilled population. The province has over 2.9 million workers with experience across a broad range of sectors, including clean and high technology, mining, agriculture, and transportation.

B.C.'s diverse, multilingual talent pool has made the province a top choice for companies looking to establish or expand their operations.

A man filling up a Hyundai Nexo hydrogen vehicle at a station.

A growing market of highly-skilled talent

Technology expertise

Cultivating talent for the long-term

B.C.'s highly-trained workforce is regularly replenished by a talent pipeline from over 25 provincial institutions, including the globally-recognized University of British Columbia (UBC). B.C. has education programs in place that nurture students throughout their academic training and incentivize research and development.

Provincial and federal immigration programs draw in international talent that further strengthens B.C.'s growing technology sector.

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