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Your clean energy partner

BC Hydro is ready to help your business switch to clean, renewable electricity. We offer support, guidance, and incentives to help your business reduce the cost of electrifying operations, enhance your energy efficiency, and reduce your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Businesses can proactively prepare for potential regulatory requirements while meeting their own internal climate goals and targets.

We can help large commercial and industrial businesses to:

Establish a new operation

We can help your large commercial or industrial business establish new operations in the province, including matching your business to an available site that is already connected to our integrated grid.

Electrify your business

We help eligible businesses switch to low-carbon electricity, become more energy efficient, and reduce their costs. We support sectors including commercial buildings, transportation, clean tech, mining, and upstream gas.

Program support

We offer resources and incentives to support a range of sectors, including commercial buildings and industrial facilities, and industries including forestry, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

Access incentives and support

We administer incentives to help businesses transition to cleaner energy, electrify operations, and improve their energy efficiency. They may be stackable with those from other agencies, including local, provincial, and federal governments.

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Industrial property registry

Reduce the time and cost to connect your business to our integrated grid by selecting a pre-qualified industrial brownfield site. We maintain a registry of vetted industrial sites, ready to match with eligible energy-intensive businesses.

Get support from BC Hydro to market your industrial site

We help match existing industrial brownfield sites with new businesses looking to expand or establish operations in the province.

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Opportunities for industrial sites

If your business owns an available site, leverage our network and industry expertise to market properties and uncover potential new opportunities.

Our clean energy goals

We support our large commercial and industrial customers' energy transition through initiatives aimed at electrification and fuel switching. We assist our customers in becoming more energy-efficient, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Find out more about our energy goals in our ESG Report [PDF, 11.6 MB].

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