Funding and incentives

Exclusive opportunities for new and existing businesses in B.C. through 2026

BC Hydro is supporting energy-intensive businesses to transition to cleaner, more sustainable alternatives to reduce climate pollution and build a low-carbon economy. Funding may be stackable for eligible applicants.

Funding for clean tech and high-tech businesses new to B.C.

If you're looking to establish operations in the province, you can take advantage of a dedicated fund of more than $50 million in incentives.

Funding for industrial and transportation fuel switching in B.C.

New businesses to B.C. and existing businesses in B.C. can also access a separate pool of funding to help with industrial fuel switching, commercial building retrofits, and fleet electrification totalling over $60 million.

Find out if your business is eligible for funding

For clean tech and high-tech businesses

BC Hydro's funding programs help new eligible transmission and major distribution customers reduce costs when connecting to our integrated grid. Incentive amounts are determined based on connection costs, the type of connection required by the project, and a demonstrated need for funding.

For businesses fuel switching

Businesses new to B.C., as well as existing businesses, can access funding and incentives to fuel switch all or part of their operations from fossil fuels to renewable, hydroelectricity.

Additional funding sources

A range of funding and incentives are also available from other agencies including local, regional, and federal governments.

Discounted rates

New businesses to B.C. and existing businesses in B.C. can access discounted industrial electrification rates when connecting to BC Hydro's integrated grid.

There are two categories of rates available to our transmission service customers:

For existing customers, contact your Key Account Manager to learn more about industrial energy rates. If you're a new BC Hydro customer, contact our Business & Economic Development team.

Find an industrial site

If you're new to British Columbia and need a site to establish operations, BC Hydro offers expert advice to help find a suitable industrial or brownfield site for your business. We have a portfolio of pre-approved sites available, all of which are connected or ready to connect to our integrated grid.

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Our dedicated experts can help

  • Determine if an operation is eligible to combine multiple funding programs and incentives
  • Discover funding programs and incentives providing the greatest cost reductions
  • Move forward with the appropriate application processes
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Equipment inside the Cathedral Square substation.
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Our offer

Through to the end of 2026, eligible businesses can access over $120 million in incentives to help establish operations in B.C. or fuel switch to cleaner alternatives.

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Contact our BC Hydro team for end-to-end support, including advice on how to access this funding.