Key industries

Energy-intensive businesses that operate in British Columbia (B.C.) take advantage of our low-cost hydroelectricity, favorable economic climate, and network of robust infrastructure.

Clean technology

The clean tech sector has access to B.C.’s established industry expertise and infrastructure. An extensive network of pipelines, ports, and rail provide quick and ready access for products to reach domestic and international markets.

High technology

B.C. is an emerging global technology hub. As part of the West Coast innovation corridor and its proximity to Silicon Valley, the province is home to many prominent tech companies and professionals. Businesses benefit from an expansive fiber network, with the newest subsea cable landing connecting Asia and Canada expected in 2023.

Other sectors

B.C. houses one of the largest digital media tech clusters in the world. Innovative companies in growth sectors including agri technology, clean energy, power storage, and innovative energy storage do business in B.C. due to our rich natural environment, strong infrastructure, and proven economic performance.

Inside a server room

The next hotspot for data centers?

Data centers are increasingly looking to site their data centers in British Columbia. Available clean power, the third lowest rates in North America, and funding to get established are just a few reasons why.

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