Pro-business environment

British Columbia (B.C.) is rich in natural resources and hydroelectric power. With one of the most flexible and supportive business climates in North America, the province attracts investment from around the world. As a leading jurisdiction for climate leadership and clean energy incentives, B.C. is a clean-tech innovation hub with an established talent pool.

A west coast innovation hub

B.C. offers countless opportunities to invest in, or expand operations within emerging and government-supported industries, including:

  • Hydrogen and low-carbon fuel production
  • Clean technology such as carbon capture
  • Energy storage and advanced battery technology
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) such as data centers

The B.C. government is focused on growing technology and innovation within the region by:

  • Leading green and climate policies and incentives to improve project economics.
  • Providing the infrastructure that communities and residents need to participate in the innovation economy.
  • Developing and attracting a world-leading talent pool.
  • Helping companies get established and grow.

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Connected to global markets

Located on the west coast of Canada, B.C. connects North America with the Asia-Pacific region. Extensive telecommunications networks provide high-speed, reliable access to markets in Asia and across North America.

Learn about our infrastructure

Deltaport container terminal in the Port of Vancouver.

Reliable access

Strategically located, highly efficient, and well-managed airports, deep water ports, highways, and rail systems ensure fast and seamless connections to and from global trade routes.

High angle view of downtown Vancouver during sunrise.

Business benefits

Fast and easy access to world markets. Convenient location for communication and scheduling in the Pacific time zone that overlaps with major commercial time zones.

Low-cost, clean power

Oil refinery during twilight.

Full service

Get assistance to select a site, understand rate discounts, access incentives, and connect to our grid.

Waterfront view of North Vancouver.

Municipal partnerships

Work with BC Hydro's experts and benefit from our strong relationships with our municipalities.