Clean & renewable energy

The B.C. advantage

Clean-tech and high-tech businesses that operate in British Columbia (B.C.) benefit from reliable, renewable hydroelectricity. Flexible, low-cost power improves an operation's overall carbon footprint and long-term business resilience. For clean fuel producers, powering with hydroelectricity also improves the value of the final product.

Hydrogen fueling station.

Access clean energy

98% of the power in B.C. comes from clean, renewable sources. In 2021, the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of BC Hydro’s integrated grid was an average of 9.7 tonnes per GWh carbon dioxide (CO2e), outperforming Canada’s 2019 average of 25 tonnes per GWh by more than 60%, making B.C.’s integrated, low-carbon grid among the cleanest in western North America.

Learn about BC Hydro's clean system

Water flowing down the Columbia River through a dam.

Powered by water

We are powered by water.

B.C. is the ideal location for energy-intensive companies focused on minimizing environmental impact while improving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance.

Background of flowing water.
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Choose B.C. and address climate change

The B.C. government introduced one of North America’s most progressive climate action plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 (based on 2007 levels) and reach net zero by 2050. 

Active spillway at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam.

Roadmap to 2030

CleanBC has created an ideal environment for energy-intensive companies seeking to use clean power.

A electrical switchyard facility.

Funding and incentives

Take advantage of favorable project economics compared to other jurisdictions in North America.